Who are we ?

Iran Delco company in 1991 was registered in Tehran – Iran, with the registering number of 85442. In the early years, its production was distributor for different type of cars that were stopped along with outdated carburetor system.

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The first researches on catalytic converters in collaboration with the Scientific and Industrial Research of Iran began in 1994 and continued during 2000 to 2003 in the context of a joint investigation by SAPCO Research institute in the production of metallic and ceramic catalytic converters.

Metallic SubstrateCeramic Substrate

The first Catalysts convertor’s standard in 2004, under the standard number of 7370, with the direct management of Iran Delco Company in the Bureau of Standards of Islamic Republic of Iran has been defined.

Standard FA Standard Committee Standard EN

After purchasing and transferring of machinery from Germany in 2005 the mass production of catalytic converters with Euro 2 standard began.

Coating Coater Washcoat

Storage Canning-2 caning

Full set of exhaust line of cars in 2008 with an emphasis on technical expertise and facilities was launched into mass production.

Exhaust Line 1Exhaust Line 2Exhaust Line 3Exhaust Line 4

Research and Development launched in 2008, and finally after 3 years of continuous efforts and costs, in 2011 Iran Delco could reach to the production technology of Euro 4 and 5 emission standard.

Research and Development 1Research and Development 2Research and Development 3

Research and Development 4Research and Development 5Research and Development 6

Another Iran Delco’s achievements that can be mentioned are mass-production type of vehicle exhaust sealing gaskets (seal rings) in 2011.

Iran Delco ‘s Catalyst convertor Laboratory in 2013 as the only specialized in the study of automotive catalysts, received 17025 standard certificate and its associate laboratory IRI was approved by the standards organization of Islamic Republic of Iran.

Laboratory Certification 1 Laboratory Certification 7 Laboratory Cetificate 6

Today, we are proud as the only Manufacturer of catalytic converters in Iran with annual production capacity of 12/000/000 pieces, in addition to automotive needs of our country simultaneously reducing sanctions we are negotiating on the export of our product.

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